Best Blogs for Small Business 2016


There is A LOT of stuff on the internet for small businesses and startups, and as a busy manager, it’s sometimes hard to know where to start and who to follow for advice.

To help out, we’ve scoured the web and brought you the top 60 blogs for you to check out and separated them by topic area.

We have curated our favorite blogs on:

  • Business Operations
  • Leadership
  • Staffing and Recruitment
  • Lifestyle and Productivity
  • Growth and Marketing

Happy reading!

Top 10 Business Operation Blogs

10 Blogs on Business Operations

Get great advice from these blogs about how to run your company more effectively, and learn systems, processes, and structures that will help you and your team be the best.

10. Evergreen Small Business
Stephen L. Nelson (CPA, PLLC) writes great, practical advice for small business owners and managers in an easy to read format. Filled with step by step guides and useful explanations, there’s tons of downloadable information, and you can search the blog easily for articles specific to your needs.

9. Franchise King
Written by Joel Libava, this blog is focused on helping franchisees or those interested in franchising navigate purchasing and managing their business. Topics include the advantages of franchising versus other business types and expert advice on the negotiation and purchase process.

8. Wasp Barcode
This software and hardware company supplying to small businesses, the team at Wasp Barcode have done very well to build a useful blog for existing and potential customers. They cover a broad range of topics including tax preparation, inventory tracking, and efficient asset management, as well as commentary on business practices and popular culture as it relates to business.

7. Crowdspring
Another blog well executed by a small business supplier, crowdSPRING has great articles and resources on marketing and branding, and lean business practices to keep your small business in shape. They also give away ebooks and resources on how to interview designers and templates for freelancer contracts.

6. Cloudswave Blog
Primarily for online businesses, Cloudswave has great articles and tools ranging from advertising pricing methods to remote working. They also regularly post lists of useful software for small businesses and compile an easy to read “Monday Mashup” summarizing their best articles across each week.

5. Designing Strategies
Maurer Consulting Group’s blog for the Design Industry covers many pertinent topics for all small businesses. You can easily search articles by category, including pricing strategy, customer relationships, and business planning.

4. Big Ideas for Small Business
We love Barbara’s blog for its’ clean look and very practical, easy to follow advice on running a small business. An experienced tax and business attorney, she gives solid advice on cyber security, taxation and financial management among other topics.

3. Fundera Ledger
This blog focuses on funding and financial advice for the small business owner. Well laid out and easy to read, you will find advice on all sorts of money matters for your business, including lending, payroll management, bookkeeping and preparing profit and loss statements.

2. Payroll Blog by Patriot Software
Patriot Software provides payroll and accounting software to small businesses. As such, their blogs (separated into two sections: Accounting and Payroll) are full of helpful step-by-step articles on managing the financial side of your small business.

1. Global Small Business Blog
A brilliant resource for those that need/want to take their business global. Laurel Delaney offers sound, structured advice on exporting, foreign trade, taxation issues and much more. Although the blog is somewhat tricky to navigate (use the search function in the top left corner of the page), it has quality content and is very well regarded by the small business community.

Top 10 Leadership Blogs

Top 10 Blogs on Leadership

Develop your leadership skills and gain valuable insights into the qualities and habits of great leaders and managers through these blogs.

10. Paul Graham’s Blog
Don’t be fooled by the simplistic presentation of Paul’s blog. Paul Graham is one of the four founders of Y Combinator, one of the most successful startup incubators in Silicon Valley. Paul regularly writes essays on startup leadership, strategy and culture. His writing style is easy to read, and he’s extremely knowledgeable about startup and technology trends.

9. Richard Branson
This colorful blog from super-entrepreneur Richard Branson is chock full of sage advice, inspiration, ideas and insight into the life and mind of one of the world’s most successful business leaders. It also showcases Branson’s passion of community development and shows how business owners can succeed while caring for the community and environment.

8. The Entrepreneurial Mind
A collection of writings, video interviews, and resources from Dr. Jeff Cornwall and a group of experts. This blog contains insights, advice on leadership and company culture as well as online courses for entrepreneurs. We liked the academic substance to practical, applicable advice and the videos make a nice change to just reading text on a screen.

7. Lean In
The blog of Lean In, founded by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, provides leadership inspiration and advice for businesses who want to improve diversity and leadership within their organizations. For both men and women leaders, it has many case studies and expert articles on a wide range of leadership topics.

6. Leadership Now
Michael McKinney writes exclusively about leadership on this substantial blog. He reviews books, reflects on topical issues relating to leadership and gives advice on developing your leadership skills. Search through the blog by categories, or check out the recent posts section for useful articles full of practical leadership advice.

5. Leadership Freak
Short, sharp and to the point, Dan Rockwell writes on leadership, management and motivation in 300 words or less. A great option if you want regular, quick articles to read while on the go.

4. The Leadership Challenge
Founded by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, the Leadership Challenge aims to liberate the leader in everyone. They offer resources, downloadable self-assessments and online workshops in addition to articles and case studies on effective leadership.

3. Andrea Learned
Based in Seattle, Washington, Andrea Learned writes extensively on social engagement, sustainability & CSR, and leadership. Her well-laid out site has great insight into digital trends and branding and is thought-provoking while being easy to digest.

2. Adrian Swinscoe
An expert on customer-centric growth strategies, Adrian writes on leadership and interviews successful entrepreneurs and thought-leaders. The interviews come with a written analysis and summary of key points, so even if you can’t watch the video, the summaries are well worth a read.

1. Young Upstarts
This blog is focused on developing young entrepreneurs and business leaders. Focused on innovation, intrapreneurship and ideas for small business, it has plenty of energizing articles, book reviews and productivity tools for the young and young at heart entrepreneur.

Top 10 Blogs on Staffing and Recruitment

Top Blogs on Staffing and Recruitment

Keep up-to-date with the latest trends and get relevant advice for your hr and recruitment needs, to help you build, grow and support your workforce.

9. HR Bartender
Sharlyn Lauby writes this friendly blog on HR and workplace issues. A self-confessed foodie, Lauby often references her love of food in her writing which makes for an enjoyable, easy-to-digest (pun intended) read.

8. Kate Nasser
An experienced coach, Kate Nasser has a wealth of knowledge on people development, leadership and coaching for small businesses. Categorized into six easy to navigate sections (Customer Service, Leadership, People Skills, Thriving in Change, Teamwork and Careers & Jobs), Nasser’s blog is a must follow for small businesses wanting to better manage their teams.

7. Culture University
This purely educational blog is focused on fostering better workplace culture and performance improvement in companies around the world. With expert contributors including Edgar Schein (Professor Emeritus, MIT Sloan School of Management), and founded by Tim Kuppler and Kathryn Baker, it is the go-to resource for anything related to establishing and improving workplace culture.

One of the major selling points of Recruiting Blogs website is the ability for users to create discussions on specific topics as well as search articles on attracting and retaining talent. Authored by multiple contributors, it also boasts a substantial list of podcasts to supplement your reading.

5. The HR Capitalist
One of two blogs from HR expert Kris Dunn, this is a funny, occasionally personal and insightful read into HR issues and ideas. Dunn originally started the blog to develop an online HR community, and it’s grown into one of the most visited HR blogs on the web.

4. Julie Winkle Giulioni
A passionate people person, JWG writes articles and resources focused on helping organizations maximize their results through maximizing their people potential. Covering talent management, development planning, and much more, Julie’s blog is a treasure trove of useful analysis and practical advice.

3. Brain Leaders and Learners
This blog is all about people development based on neuroscience research. Written by Dr. Ellen Weber, it provides practical advice based on scientific research and analysis conducted by Dr. Weber and others. But don’t worry about complicated sciencey mumbo jumbo, the articles are easy to read and well structured to make it easier for the sound principles to be applied in your small business.

2. Let’s Grow Leaders
Karin Hurt’s blog aims to help business leaders and managers inspire their teams to achieve breakthrough results. Full of practical steps to dealing with conflict, motivating underperforming team members and much more, this blog takes an action-oriented, positive approach to people development and leadership.

1. Fistful of Talent
The second blog by Kris Dunn, Fistful of Talent is the sassy, snappy younger sibling to HR Capitalist. The site provides daily insights into HR and Recruitment issues, with a greater focus on talent management and people development. It’s punchy, a little bit rock and roll, and fun to read. Give it a try.

Top 10 Blogs on Productivity

10 Great Blogs on Productivity

Enjoy your life and maximise your time as an entrepreneur. These blogs will show you how to manage your time, your well-being and your resources to get the best from yourself and your team.

10. Guy Kawasaki
Entrepreneur, marketing guru, and experienced investor Guy Kawasaki does not a frequent poster, but when he does write it is worth reading. A blend of advice, product test drives (from big names including Mercedes and Sony), insights into investor behavior and much more, this is one blog worth having on your bookmark list.

9. Wealthy Gorilla
An inspirational/motivational blog founded by Dan Western, articles are written for entrepreneurs and businesses, interspersed with self-improvement advice and insights. A great source for snippets of inspiration, success stories and practical advice on growing and maintaining momentum in your business.

8. Chic CEO
Chock full of easy to digest, practical advice and inspiration for women entrepreneurs, Chic CEO covers day to day topics such as managing and running your business operations, and higher level areas such as personal leadership, strategy, and growth.

7. James Altucher
Entrepreneur, hedge fund manager, and best-selling author James Altucher shares his wisdom for startups and entrepreneurs on his blog, Altucher Confidential. Altucher also dispenses advice and reflections on business practices and strategy through his podcast, which you can access through his website.

6. Tim Feiriss
The best-selling author of The Four Hour Work Week, Four Hour Body and Four Hour Chef among other titles, Tim Ferriss has made a career of hacking excellence and sharing his insights with his readers. His blog is an excellent source of lifestyle and productivity ideas for entrepreneurs and professionals as is the hour long podcast where he interviews fascinating people such as Arnold Schwarzenegger.

5. Business Banter
Business Banter is a well-laid out blog for those looking to grow their business through creative ideas and marketing. The site also provides resources and a free toolkit for businesses.

4. Location 180
Sean Ogle has the hands on experience of radically changing his life and work and shares his insights via his blog. Location 180 is all about helping you learn how to work from anywhere doing what you love. Sean leads by example and has some great stories to share – check them out.

3. Lifehack
A collection of articles on productivity and lifestyle, LifeHack is a great resource for discovering ideas, life hacks and ideas for increasing productivity in your work and personal life.

The blog of Entrepreneur magazine, this site is full of short articles on everything relating to entrepreneurship, and topical news and updates. A good source for a quick read on the commute to work (as long as you’re not driving!).

1. Fast Company
Our favorite thing about the Fast Company site is the “Must-reads” section, which compiles the most popular and significant news bites of the site into one easy to access section.

Top 10 Blogs on Starting a Business

Top Blogs on Starting a Business

Just starting out? These blogs will help you navigate the beginning stages of your business and help you know what to look out for and what to avoid on this exciting journey.

9. New Venture Mentor
The blog of Cate Costa, an entrepreneur and experienced business coach. Full of straight-forward and practical advice for planning, launching and growing your business.

8. Startup Professionals
Focused advice for startup founders and entrepreneurs including walkthroughs of the different stages of a startup and downloadable resources.

7. Side Hustle Nation
This is a brilliant resource for part-time entrepreneurs looking to earn financial independence through small business. They also have a great list of Side Hustle business ideas to get you started on your journey.

6. Mike Michalowicz
A personable, fun blog by serial successful author and entrepreneur Mike Michalowicz. A mix of articles and podcasts, this is a great source for well-written, actionable advice.

5. Steve Blank
Author of The Startup Owner’s Manual, Steve Blank has a ton of advice and resources for new entrepreneurs. A passionate conservationist, he shares about environmental issues in the midst of dispensing sound and real advice for startups.

4. Mark Suster
Written by experienced entrepreneur turned VC Mark Suster, this blog delivers punchy, practical insights into startup management, strategy and funding. Helpful if you need a boost to get started with your business.

Full of relevant news, ideas and advice for small businesses, you can search this blog by category, or simply read through the highlighted articles. Either way, the content is easy to digest and enjoyable to read.

2. Tim Berry’s Blog
This blog is a collection of articles about business planning, startups and social media from Tim Berry, founder of Palo Alto Software and

1. Suitcase Entrepreneur
If you’ve wanted to run a business that allows you to travel at the same time, the Suitcase Entrepreneur is a great place to start. Presented in blog and podcast format, Natalie has a goal of helping 1 million entrepreneurs achieve lifestyle and financial freedom by 2020.

Top 10 Marketing and Growth Blogs

Fantastic Blogs on Marketing and Growth

Grow your customer base, reach audiences more effectively, and develop a strong brand for your business with these blogs.

10. Seth Godin
Short, super easy to read and often humorous, Seth Godin is the king of growth, marketing, and strategy for startups. Do not miss his blog; it is well worth the visit.

9. Moz
SEO and online marketing software company Moz knows all about how to grow traction online, and their blog is an excellent resource of articles, analysis, and insight. Navigate by topic to get content relevant to you from the industry’s top experts in SEO.

8. Hubspot
Hubspot collates a daily summary of articles on marketing, sales, and agency related issues on their well-presented blog. Browse the latest content or search by specific category quickly and easily from the one place.

7. Buffer
Buffer, a platform for managing your social media, has a useful blog on how to manage and optimize your social media engagement. They also cover important topics such as logo copyright issues for social media and analyze current trends across different platforms.

6. SEMRush
This blog from digital marketing platform SEMRush has innovative resources on content strategy, content marketing, and SEO related matters. We particularly liked the case studies and competitive data research which you can search by category.

5. Social Triggers
Written by internet marketing expert Derek Halpern, Social Triggers is a combination of practical how-tos, insights, and analysis on all things online marketing. You can also listen to the podcast for additional content and interesting interviews.

4. Copy Hackers
Copy Hackers is all about helping you create copy that converts traffic into revenue. This blog is a joy to read, understandably because it’s written by copywriting experts. It has tons of resources and quality advice for maximizing your content marketing strategy.

3. Duct Tape Marketing
Written specifically for small businesses, this blog by John Jantsch is a trove of resources for growing and retaining customers. Full of actionable, tested insights and advice, this blog, is a must read for understanding marketing principles and strategies for your small business.

2. Jackie Huba
Customer loyalty expert Jackie Huba shares her experiences and advice for startups and small businesses on her easy to read blog. Jackie also conducts regular Q&As with PR and marketing experts and analyzes current trends in the industry.

1. Damn I wish I’d thought of that (Andy Sernovitz)
Andy Sernovitz’s blog is fun, actionable and insightful. He covers all sorts of marketing and customer retention topics and even has a comic book version of his best-seller “Word of Mouth Marketing” available on his site.

Win the Millennial Engagement Game

It isn’t a new thing for generation gaps to cause challenges in the workplace.

We’ve all heard it lamented before:

“Millennials are difficult to manage.”

Popular opinion depicts them as self-interested and having a poor work ethic. Not great for Millennials and not great for you as a business owner.

But is this commonly held opinion true? If we dug a little deeper, I think we’d find that this stereotypical perception of Millennials (defined loosely as those born from 1982 onwards), doesn’t necessarily hold, and certainly doesn’t have to be true in your workplace.

Some interesting facts about Millennials:

    • They’re deeply cause related. Once they care about something they are very invested, whether it’s a social issue, mobile app or workplace.


    • They’re natural activists. Millennials are more activist than their Gen X / Baby Boomer predecessors (except maybe for when the Baby Boomers were younger and were called “Hippies”).


    • The numbers are on their side. Millennials will form the majority of the global workforce in the next 10 to 20 years, as Baby Boomers retire and Gen Xers move into senior management. We need to get used to (and good at) engaging them in the workplace, particularly in service-based industries like hospitality, retail and customer service.


So how do you win the Millennial engagement game?

There’s no perfect formula. Every business has to take into account its unique dynamic and business model. But here are a few tried and true principles you can apply to working with Millennials in your team.

1. Give them something to own.

Whether it’s a section in a restaurant or an internal idea or project they’re passionate about, help your Millennial staff find something they can take ownership of. This is a huge step to engaging them in the workplace.

Make them responsible for something within the business that they can succeed in. Keep them accountable but give them the freedom to create a solution in their own way. It might involve taking a different approach to yours, but if it achieves the desired outcome then you get the result you wanted AND gain a loyal employee in the process.

2. Create collective responsibility.

In an age where social media increasingly takes the place of in-person interaction, you’d be surprised how many Millennials crave authentic community and personal relationship. Real world interactions have taken on a whole new meaning and present employers with an opportunity to engage their teams for the benefit of their business.

Take time to have all-hands meetings where you share frustrations or successes with the group. Invite them to contribute how to solve the problem or maintain good momentum. You’ll be surprised at the ideas generated and potentially see things from new angles. More importantly, when employees contribute to an idea, they’re more invested and accountable in helping those ideas succeed.

Think of it this way: Remember in school when you’d do group activities and the teacher would ask you what rules should be in place for the activity? The whole group had to agree on each rule, and as a result, everyone was responsible for adhering to the rules, because you’d all agreed on them. Same principle at work.

3. Create internal brand evangelists.

Inviting team members to help recruit new staff or customers, and rewarding them for doing so is a brilliant way of growing your business. In the same way that your team craves authentic interactions in a social media world, so do your potential staff and customers.

Brand evangelists are the best advertising — they have real experience of why it’s so great to be a part of your organisation.

And this doesn’t just have the capacity to win over potential employees. Studies have shown that customers who see a company as a fantastic place to work, have greater loyalty to that company when purchasing goods or services.

So how do you create brand evangelists?

Cultivate great team culture. Have FUN. And then incentivise your team for bringing in customers or sharing job posts on social media or via text with friends. Use tools, like Nect’s customizable application forms, that make it easy to identify referrals and reward staff with small bonuses or gift cards.

It’s true that a lot of these principles are things workers of other generations would respond to, perhaps in different formats or with different motivating factors. And that’s a good thing because that’s something you’re in control of: harnessing and developing your ability as a leader to motivate, encourage and inspire your team in ways that they can relate to.

Go get ’em tiger.