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Recruitment Strategies for Small Companies

To improve your chances of finding top talent, add variety to your recruitment sourcing. Internet job sites are good places to find potential candidates, but they are also highly competitive. When you contact a top candidate on one of these sites, chances are that you will not the first person to do so.

To help solve the problem of competition, you need a variety of advanced recruiting tactics. Many recruiters overlook these tactics, which means you should absolutely use them to your own advantage. Doing so will help you find top talent with relative ease.

So, what are these advanced recruiting tactics? Listed below are five of the best options:

Federal or State Job Banks

State and federal job sites are prime locations for recruiters to find top talent. One of the most popular is the USAJOBS portal, which is run by the federal government’s Office of Personnel Management.

This job bank allows users to search for job openings using two easy search terms: keyword and location. Results can be filtered using four tags, including recent graduates and students, senior executives, veterans, and individuals with disabilities. When using the USAJOBS portal, note that it works best for organizations with federal jobs.

When creating job postings on USAJOBS, it is necessary to tweak the job ad for keywords and phrases. Editing the ad’s location is also important. Be sure to include your organization’s name when adding keywords, as many users will enter the name of a desired agency or company as part of their search terms.

Each U.S. State also runs its own job portals for both federal and non-federal jobs. These sites are popular places for talent to visit and therefore receive a lot of traffic.

Creating a job posting for a state-run portal is free. All that state portals require is registration with your specific job bank. As always, be sure to optimize content with keywords and relevant information.

City Job Banks

Most cities have their own online job banks, which can be found by a simple internet search. Utah for instance, runs a job bank dedicated for the Utah league of towns and cities. City job banks are typically smaller than federal or state job banks.

Local Websites and Publications

Local websites and offline publications are also great resources to consider when posting local jobs. Online directories, job portals, and websites that post local jobs are popular destinations for candidates looking for a position in the nearby area.

If you are looking to hire local candidates, posting job ads across the following eight sites should be sufficient.

College or University Campuses

Depending on the needs of your position, colleges and universities can be great locations to look for talent. Potential recruits might lack experience, but one university campus can house budding experts in various fields. Visiting campuses during placement season can help you find talent quickly and with ease.

There are also many websites focused on graduate talent. College Recruiter is a popular site used to discover the best talent at the college or university level.

Targeted Social Media Campaigns

Finally, use social media for advanced recruiting. Popular social media sites that allow keyword and location campaigns include:

You can create employment drives on social media sites as well. All the top employers do it, so why can’t you?

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